Benefits of Membership

The real value of the Center is the breadth in approaching the big-data problem from the analytics to actionable intelligence in a comprehensive manner. The Center spans expertise from human genomics to crop and animal sciences and closely melds this with broad expertise in computing systems and algorithms [from high-performance computing (HPC) to cloud and special-purpose acceleration]. As such, members will get the benefit of working with industries in the domains of computing, biotechnology, and health science areas. They will have the opportunity to vote for, and provide direction to, research projects that directly reflect the needs of their organizations. Through this process, industry members will have access to research teams comprising students, researchers, and faculty  in computing systems, bioinformatics, genomic applications, and health from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Mayo Clinic.

Benefits to Industry Members include:

Annual Membership Fee

Membership fees are the primary funding mechanism for research, development, and education undertaken by the Center. The NSF provides some direct funding to each university for up to eleven years, and offers the potential of additional support for specific endeavors. The Center is expected to be sustained by industry.

Industry members pay CCBGM an annual membership fee of $50,000 for each Industrial Advisory Board seat.

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Meetings

An Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) will be established to facilitate industry partnerships and to advise the Center on all aspects of operations. This will include strategic planning and research assessment. One of the primary roles of the IAB will be to help ensure that the research being conducted is in line with industry objectives. IAB meetings are held twice a year to share the research conducted at the universities and to collect feedback and research needs from the industries.