April 2020. Predicting Longitudinal Cognitive Scores Using Baseline Imaging and Clinical Variables

November 2019. A Joint Model for Predicting Structural and Functional Brain Health in Elderly Individuals

January 2019. Predicting Short-term MCI-to-AD Progression Using Imaging, CSF, Genetic Factors, Cognitive Resilience, and Demographics

October 2018. LEMNA: Explaining Deep Learning based Security Applications

October 2018. A ML-based Runtime System for Executing Dataflow Graphs on Heterogenous Processors

August 2018. Measuring the Mappability Spectrum of Reference Genome Assemblies

August 2018. Augmentation of Physician Assessments with Multi-Omics Enhances Predictability of Drug Response: A Case Study of Major Depressive Disorder

July 2018. Machine Learning Helps Identify New Drug Mechanisms in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

March 2018. METHCOMP: A Special Purpose Compression Platform for DNA Methylation Data

January 2018. Deep Learning for Better Variant Calling for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

December 2017. EEG-GRAPH: A Factor-Graph-Based Model for Capturing Spatial, Temporal, and Observational Relationships in Electroencephalograms, Poster by Yogatheesan Varatharajah.

November 2017.  METHCOMP: A Special Purpose Compression Platform for DNA Methylation Data

September 2017. Integrating Multi-Omics and Clinical Data to Predict SSRI Therapeutic Response in Adults with Major Depressive Disorder: A Data-Driven Machine Learning Approach.

July 2017. Bringing Innovations in Systems and Analytics to the Bedside: Design of the CompGen Machine

May 2017. Prediction of Clinical Outcomes after SSRI Therapy for Major Depressive Disorder Using Clinical and Metabolomics Data: A Data-Driven Machine Learning Approach.

April 2017.  Model-based Unsupervised Learning to Establish Drug Mechanisms: A Case Study of Metformin’s Mechanisms in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.

April 2017.  Data-Driven Longitudinal Modeling and Prediction of Symptom Dynamics in Major Depressive Disorder: Integrating Factor Graphs and Learning Methods.

April 2017.  Model-based Unsupervised Learning Informs Metformin-induced Cell-migration Inhibition Through an AMPK-independent Mechanism in Breast Cancer.

June 2016. Efficient and Scalable Workflows for Genomic Analyses